Garage Doors

Garage Doors

All Garage Door Systems offered by ShadePro are designed to fit perfectly into any given garage door opening and are equally well suited to retrofit or new construction projects. Engineered from the finest aircraft-quality aluminium, each door is custom crafted to your exact dimensions ensuring a perfect fit.

Create more storage space! Unlike traditional overhead garage doors, the Garage Door Systems from ShadePro will not take up any overhead space, leaving the garage ceiling free to use for additional storage of seasonal items like skis, toboggans, snowboards and more.

Colours & Features:

All Garage Door Systems offered by ShadePro are:

  • Available in a range of either 7 or 12 colours (depending upon the model)
  • Most models may be equipped with a great choice of convenient features, including: Motors, Remote Controls, Obstacle Detection Systems and more!