Counter Surfaces

Counter Surfaces


Nothing compares to the natural beauty and durability of granite. With few alternatives that can match its strength and resistance to stains and scratches, it’s no wonder that granite is one of the most sought-after countertop surfaces today. With the wide variety of stones available and its natural tendencies to differ from small samples, we encourage our customers to hand-pick their slabs at one of our wholesalers’ warehouses. This ensures that you get exactly what you anticipated.


Quartz is an ideal natural stone surface for the homeowner who doesn’t want the regular upkeep and maintenance of granite or marble. It is made up of 93% quartz and 7% pigments & epoxy resins. Being a man-made product, the colours and patterns of quartz are typically consistent from slab to slab. Quartz is extremely durable as well as non-porous.


Marble is known for it’s timeless and classic appearance with highly desirable colours and patterns. It is recommended to be used for its looks and not its durability. Marble is a soft, porous material which requires regular maintenance. Some would say it grows in beauty over years with its patina.